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China Tours Reviews

Scott Ngo's China Tour Review

Thank you for asking, but I just got back from my vacation.Sorry it took so long for me to respond.

The service you provided is great,hotel,meals,the driver,and especially thank you to the tour guide.
The only minor issue was the tour guide doesn't know some of the places I wanted to go. Other than that,I will definitely book your services for my next vacation.


Scott Ngo

  Clients Nationality: USA
Itinerary: 4 Days Shanghai Tour
Marikay and Tom Concannon's China Tour Review
  Hello and I’m happy to hear from you. I’ve been meaning to write to tell you what a fantastic time we had, but as you can imagine, it has been very busy since we’ve returned. We thoroughly enjoyed our entire trip and appreciate all the attention you paid to details, such as meeting us at the airport, arranging transportation and hotel reservations, etc. We were pleasantly surprised to get both a guide and a driver for our city visits, and all were quite knowledgeable. The only thing I want to mention is that we are accustomed to traveling more independently and the guides wanted to do everything for us. We had hoped to have a little more time on our own rather than having the guide with us all the time. That is just our preference; it is not a criticism of the tour you provided. However, I wanted to tell you in case that is information you want to get from future clients. I will know to specify that the next time we travel with a guide. I also felt that the guides were anxious for us to add on additional sightseeing, but we felt the tour already contained plenty of activities.

Again, I only mentioned the above for future consideration with other travelers. Your arrangements were superb and I will happily recommend your services to anyone interested. Thank you for helping us have such a memorable time, I can’t put into words how wonderful the trip was.

Marikay and Tom Concannon
Florida, USA

  Clients Nationality: USA
Itinerary: 13 Days Chengdu, Lijiang, Kunming, Dali, Guilin with Yangtze Cruise
Doris and Ralf Dittrich's China Tour Review

we want to say thank you for everything. Our trip was very nice and everything was very good organized. The tour guides were very friendly and helpful. They gave us very good explanations. The accomodations had very good standards. The meals in all restaurants were fantastic. We are sure that we come back to China.If we come back we will book again at dragon delight. Your company made a very good job. We can recommend your company to all international tourists.

We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year.

Best regards from

Doris and Ralf Dittrich, Germany

  Clients Nationallity: Germany
Itinerary: China Group Tours of 11 Day China Classic Tour (Including Suzhou)
Charles Scerri's China Tour Review

I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation and gratitude for your time and effort in making our China tour a delightful memorable experience. It was a pleasure dealing with a company with such
professionalism and we would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone.

Our trip was a fantastic introduction to China, its culture and history and once again we thank you for making this experience possible.

Kinds regards

Charles Scerri

  Clients Nationality: Australian
Itinerary: 11 Days China Classic Tour (Including Suzhou)
JOZEF SZYMCZYK's China Tour Review


Every detail of the tour was well organized. The hotels, transfers, tours, and flight tickets were all accurately completed and delivered.

The entire tour itinerary was an immense success. Every location and goal I had in seeing China was fulfilled. Every expectation was met with outstanding performance. Every connection and need was satisfied.

All of your advise during the tour, provided by email and phone calls, was accurate and helpful in making decisions.

I really appreciate your honesty and performance in fullfilling all of the objectives and goals set for the immense country that is CHINA.

Thanks again for a SUPER JOB!!!!


  Clients Nationality: USA
Itinerary: 16 Days of Beijing, Xian, Lhasa, Guilin, Shanghai and Yangtze Cruiser Tour
Anne's China Tour Review
  home at last - a bit weary and back at work too soon! (my internet at home has collapsed so I have to come into the office, bad luck)

Thanks to you we had an excellent holiday. China is an amazing country and we loved it. (I especially enjoyed 5 foot massages in Shanghai). Everything went smoothly. We were always picked up on time. There were no misunderstandings (apart from going to Badaling instead of Mutianyu) or extra costs. We particularly appreciated your attention, advice, tips and concern. Not many people would have provided the level of service you did.

And thank you again so much for the beautiful scarf from Suzhou. It is an extra special reminder of the person who looked after us so well. In the unlikely event I can ever be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Very best wishes
  Clients Nationality: Australian
Itinerary: Beijing, Nanjing & Shanghai Tour
AALAY MEHTAJ's China Tour Review

Hello again.!! As I told you we just came back to India day only on 13th November, afternoon, after our 22 days long holiday and are settling in!!!

At the start let me convey our heartiest and most sincere THANKS to you from our whole group for all your efforts, care and flexibility in arranging our trip to China and making it one of our most wonderful holiday and a thoroughly enjoyable experience!!!! We are all so very happy that we could find such a sincere and most recommendable travel agency like “DRAGON DELIGHT”, and PARTICULARLY AN AGENT LIKE YOU WHO MOST WILLINGLY SUGGESTED AND PATIENTLY ACCEPTED THE SO MANY CHANGES WE MADE IN OUR ITINERARY PRIOR TO OUR DEPARTURE FROM INDIA AS WELL AS SOME OF THE OTHER CHANGES WE MADE DURING THE COURSE OF OUR HOLIDAY IN CHINA!!!!

All the places we visited in China were fabulous and each city had its own individual charm and character!!! The “TERRACOTTA WORRIERS” in Xian, the vast expanse of the “SUMMER PALACE” in Beijing as well as the Giant statues in the “SACRED WAY” and the “JADE BUDDHA” in Shanghai were amazing sights, definitely a must see!!! Even the Tiannanmen Square with the replicas of the “Three Gorges Dam”, “Potala Palace” and the “Beijing Olympic Animations” were quite a site!!! However the experience of climbing the serpentine “GREAT WALL”, the panoramic view of the vast THREE GORGES DAM, and the views from the river cruise of the brightly illuminated “SHANGHAI BY NITE” WERE THE MOST EXHILARATING experiences!!!

Additionally, since our visit coincided with the visit of the French President Mr. Chirac in Xian, Sino-African summit in Beijing and the upcoming Beijing Olympic Games, we were able to experience and see one of the most fabulous co-ordination undertaken for a country’s betterment, by a government committed to the people cause and the people committed to the country!!! The etiquette, manners, cleanliness and systematic approach of the people in Beijing, Shanghai and the other cities we visited were certainly something very appreciable!!! J

All the guides arranged by your agency in each city, were very well informed about the History as well as the present development of each cities, and gave us a good understanding about the same!!!! In fact they spoke such nice English and guided us so very well, that we were very much as ease and faced no difficulty what so ever anywhere!! Even the suggestions which you and our tour-guides gave us regarding the shopping places where we went, were very helpful and we could buy such different varieties of stuff, ranging from clothing and household articles to Jade artefacts, paintings, pottery, green tea and even old country side stuff!! Particularly the “Week-end Flea Market”, the “Beijing Pearls Company” and the “Yashow Market” in Beijing as well as the “Qibao”, “Yuan Gardens” and “Nanjing Road” in Shanghai and the Small Shops around the BEAUTIFUL MOSQUE in Xian, were the most wonderful places to shop and let loose the purse strings J!!!

The hotels too were very nice, with big rooms and fine dining areas!! It was certainly very pleasurable to enjoy 4 star hospitality and relax after a whole day of site-seeing and shopping!!! Here I must mention that though all the hotels were very nice, the "Diamond Hotel Suite" in Xian was the most wonderful - Thanks for upgrading us!!! The different variety of vegetarian meals arranged by you, also were thoroughly satisfying!!! To be frank we were much concerned about the vegetarian meal aspect of our tour before we left from India and as such we had brought along some snacks from India with us (as most of us were strict vegetarians), however after experiencing the meal arrangements you had made for us on the first day of our tour, we were immediately put at ease regarding the same. Even the train travel from Beijing to Xian and Shanghai to Beijing too was an experience beyond compare, with all the superb facilities of television, bar as well as the nice dining room and the very clean restrooms, not to forget the extremely courteous and helpful cabin hostess!!!

All in all we would like to tell you that we found China to be a fantastic blend of Old Culture, New Ideas and warm helpful people, and we are happy to have been able to have such a nice and long holiday there!!! Once again, the thanks for our wonderful holiday most certainly goes to “DRAGON DELIGHT”, its tour-guides [Steven (BEIJING), Sherry* (XIAN), Jessica (Yichang – I am not sure with the name here), Richard (Wuhan – we had a wonderful drive from Yichang to Wuhan), Lili* (Shanghai), Mandi and Lili ( Beijing – though they were with us for a short time we feel they too were quite a help)], and most importantly to YOU – MICHAEL, THE MOST RECOMENDABLE AND DEPENDABLE TRAVEL AGENT WE HAVE EVER HAD !!!

We are very happy with all your services and the right attitude in tailoring and executing such a perfect holiday for our group!!! We definitely recommend DRAGON DELIGHT for a wonderful holiday experience and shall be informing our friends in India as well as in U.S.A. and U.K. regarding our experience with you so that they too can have such a wonderful and care-free trip as ours during their visit to China!!

Wishing you all the very best!!!

Thanking you,

With Best Regards,


P.S. My only suggestions to you would be that for tourists visiting Yichang and staying overnight, the river front there is a nice palace to suggest for an evening visit !!

  Client Nationality: Indian
Itinerary: 14 Days of Beijing, Xian, Yichang & Shanghai Tour