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    Icelandic Adoption Group
    Shriners' Group of 105 Paxs
    Norway Group of 160 Paxs
    KSMD Group of 158 Paxs
    Iceland Charter Group
    Icelandic Group of 267 Paxs
    U.S. Veterinary Group
    U.S. Agriculture Group 2009
    U.S. Police Group
    U.S. Agriculture Group
    Marathon Group
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Special Groups


As one of the best tour operators in China, we are committed to provide quality services to our extensive customers online, as well as hundreds of tour operators and travel agencies with long-term cooperation from all over the world simultaneously. We entirely cater to the overseas market especially USA and European market, dedicate to provide our "more than excellent" services to the foreign tourists by our rich and professional experiences. Our business covers EVERY CORNER of China including leisure travel, business travel, incentive, special interests, charters, M.I.C.E and F.I.T.S as well.

With 25 years of management, we have received numerous different types of groups successfully including the well-known Icelandic charter group consisting of 250 guests with Icelandic president Mr Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson attending their party, the delegation group from Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department on special activities in China. We strongly believe that our reputation lies in the future, not in the past. We welcome you as our friends to make a trip to China where you can share China's rich, colorful heritages and also enjoy the excellent services provided by our company. It will truly be an experience of a lifetime!

Icelandic Adoption Group U.S. Veterinary Group
Shriners' Group of 105 Paxs U.S. Agriculture Group 2009
Norway Group of 160 Paxs U.S. Police Group
KSMD Group of 158 Paxs U.S. Agriculture Group
Iceland Charter Group Marathon Group
Icelandic Group of 267 Paxs