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It was the year before last
in November of 2004,
For MARL class Ⅲ
What was in store?

Some were with spouses
and some were without.
We thought we were all leaders
But now we had doubt.

Some came from the north,
Others came from the west.
The east and the south,
To start our new quest.

Tim is the front man
Promoting the show.
Mike does the planning
To make everything go.

From dairy to tourism
To the iron ore mines,
We saw the Amish the Mayo,
And white wind turbines.

We met lots of people,
Chairpersons and CEOs
Then off to Washington DC
Our big airplane goes.

At a seminar in June
One day in Duluth,
Our destination was China!
We now know the truth.

There were so many questions
Like, “ how much should we pack? ”
“ Should I learn how they talk? ”
“ what can I leave back? ”

We all made it to China
All safe and all sound.
Some lost our luggage
But later was found.

Our tour guide we met
His name was BRUCE LEE.
Although he’s Chinese
He speaks good English, you see.

We gets on bus.
He tells us things we should know.
Then he says, “ Get off the bus ”.
“ Go! Go! Go! Go! ”

For information
Bruce Lee is our source.
It’s always
“ Of course Of course ”.

The other guide with their cell phones
“ Wa Wa, Wa Wa ”
Not to be distracted
Bruce Lee says, “ This way, This way ”.

From cooked salads to eggplant
and cold rabbit with bones
and chicken feet what ever!
We are out of our comfort zone.

Up stream with on paddle
Mary’s mind it does room.
The view is so precious
It reminds me of home.

We wanted some fun.
Karoke id the craze!
Little did we know
There are two different ways….

From Tianaman Square
to the Great Wall,
No longer forbidden
We’ve seen it all.

We’ve learned a new language
Like “ ne how” and “ GOMBAY”,
“ she she ”and “ WC ” and
Ding Ding How!

To the dope smoking rabbits
and the video bell hop.
We could hear it all night,
Please make it stop!

To new found friendships
“ My MARL friends ”
Compadres forever
May the fun never end.

China culture is unique
When it comes to Asian art.
Ox bone carved tiles
To the states we will cart.

From the pandas vagina
to Bird Dog Burt’s angina,
What happens in China
Stay in China!

Thank you. We love you BRUCE LEE!

Mike Lieplod  Tim Alcorn Harman wilts  
Greg Bartz Darin Hegland Larry Muff
Eli Berry Susan Johnson  Burt Norell
Jeff Crissinger  Mike Kaczmarek John Pollock
Tim Dufault  Jean Knakmuhs Rob Tate
Mary Dwire Mike Landuyt Eric Thorn
Dave Epperly Leign Lenzmeier Jim Vere
Joanne Fay John Meyer  Scott Walder
Lori Fcltis  Perry Meyer Cynthie Wasburn
Steve Fruecte Dwight Mark Mark Wilcox
Scott Windslow John Zimmerman Kelli Daberkow