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The Golf Courses of Beijing
Beijing International Golf Club
 By the Beijing Shisanling Reservoir, the International Golf Club is only a 40-minute drive from the center of Beijing Municipality. With an area of one million sq m, the golf course has smooth and hilly fairways, and a beautiful enviroment, with mountains and lakes adding radiance and beauty to each other.
Address North of the Shisanling Reservoir, Changping District, Beijing 102213
Tel 0086-10-60762288
Fax 0086-10-60761111
Par 72
Holes 18
Length 6991 yards
Service facilities
 A comfortable golf center, Chinese and Western restaurants, shower rooms, a pro shop, a practice ground and villas. 
Beijing Country Golf Club
 On the western bank of the Chaobai River in Shunyi County, the Beijing Country Golf Club is 30 km from Dongzhimen, Beijing. It covers an area of 240 hectares, and has a beautiful environment. The golf course includes forests, man-made lakes, a fishing islet, delicate marble stone birdges, green hillocds and orchards, with the rich flavor of rural areas.
Address On the western bank of the Chaobai River, mapo in Shunyi County, Beijng 101300
Tel 0086-10-69401111
Fax 0086-10-69402020
Par 72+72+72
Holes 18+18+18
Length 6974+6919+7010 yards
Service facilities
 A swimming pool, bowling alley, gym, tennis court, and a practice ground.
Beijing Jinghui Golf Club
 Lying at the foot of the Yanshan Mountains in Beijing, the Jinghui Golf Club is close to the Qinglong Lake reservoir, with pleasant scenery. It is a 40-minute drive from the center of Beijing. The golf course has 18 holes up to the international standards, and undulating European- and American-style fairways, full of challenges. The golf course covers an area of 73 hectares.
Address Qinglonghu Town, Fangshan District, Beijing 102447
Tel 0086-10-60322288
Fax 0086-10-60323388
Par 72
Holes 18
Length 7015 yards
Service facilities
 A well-equipped club house, restaurants, shower rooms and a pro shop.
Beijing Golf Club
 The Beijing Golf Club was jointly founded by the Pan Asia Corporation of Japan and the China International Sports Administration. As one of the most famous golf courses in China, this golf course is to the northeast of the Capital International Airport, and on the eastern bank of the scenc Chaobai Rimer in Shunyi District, with flat sandy land, lushly growing trees and rich water resources.
Address Eastern bank of the Chaobaihe Reservoi, Shunyi District, Beijing 101300
Tel 0086-10-89470005
Fax 0086-10-89470055
Par 72
Holes 18
Length 7101 yards
Designer Benz and Poellet (the United States )
Service facilities
 The construction area of the club center comes to 2600 sq m, where golf players can find a restaurant with 130 seats, a Japanese-type hot spring bath pool, a practice ground and four holes for practice.
Beijing Grand Canal Club
  Located in Hugezhuang Township, Tongzhou District, the Beijing Grand Canal Club covers an area of 120 hectares. It is only a 30-minute drive from the city proper of Beijing to the golf course.
Address Hugezhuang Township ,Tongzhou District , Beijing 101118
Tel 0086-10-89583058
Fax 0086-10-89582288
Par 72
Holes 18
Length 6732 yards
Service facilities
 A club house in the imitation of the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests of the Temple of Heaven covers an area of 4094 sq m, where golf players can find a a pro shop, restaurants, a bar, a sauna and a massage room, Other facilities in the club include guestrooms, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, an indoors swimming pool , table tennis rooms, Karaoke rooms, chess and card rooms, and quadrangles which are used as guestroom.
Beijing Yaoshang Golf Club
     Constructed by the Beijing Golden Beach Sports Development Center, Beijing Yaoshang Golf Club boasts a group of staff with rich experiences in the development and administration of the golf course. By the yongding River in Yaoshang Township, Fangshan District, it is only 38 km from the city proper of Beijing and is an international golf country club featuring membership.
Address Yaoshang township, Fangshan District, Beijing 102404
Tel 0086-10-80321678
Fax 0086-10-80321471
Par 72
Holes 18
Length 7460 yards
Designer Mr.Peter Thomson , Mr.Ross and Mr.Perer ( Australia)
Service facilities
 The club house covers an area of more than 3300 sq m, including Chinese and Western restaurant, a conference room, shower room, a pro shop and a practice ground.
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