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Rediscovering their heritage in Foochow (former spelling to City Fuzhou)


Karyl and her daughter Andrea visited Fuzhou in November 2014 to reconnect with their beloved ancestors by walking in their steps in Fuzhou, Kuliang and Minqing County.

Karyl’s mother Josephine was born in 1912 at Fuzhou while her parents Isabelle and Bruce were serving as missionaries. Josephine was very active as an organist in her church and in her community after coming back USA. She loved to give talks to groups about her experience as a child in China.

Karyl’s grandmother, Isabelle was a teacher in the Women’s Foreign Missionary Society Schools at Fuzhou and Mintsing County (former spelling to Minqing County).
Grandfather, Bruce taught at the Boys Intermediate School, Foochow Union Theological School, Anglo-Chinese College and was missionary in charge of Minqing County. They returned to the state of Iowa, USA in 1927. Theirs was a lifetime of service to God as missionaries and a love for the people of China.

The schools they provided service and teaching in Minqing, were merged into Minqing No. 1 Middle School in 1950s. Their summers were spent on Kuliang Mountain to keep away from extreme hot. There are still many former residence and missionary sites that are well preserved or restored to replicate the originals.

Mother, Josephine
Grandfather, Bruce
Grandmother, Isabelle
Former school buildings of Minqing No. 1 Middle School
Dormitory for teachers and missionaries