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How to tailor-make an itinerary for your own trip to China?

Interested in customizing your own tour to China? That would be a wise choice, because different people have different ideas to do a trip, only the itinerary based on your interests could be the one you really need.

China is a vast country, and there are numerous tourist sights worth seeing, it will take over 2 months for all famous sights in most important cities of China. And it could not even cover some unusual attractions. So customizing your own itinerary according to Your Expected Length of stay and Interested Cities of China would be the key element for a successful China tour. According to our experience, 90% of the clients will take their own (customized) itinerary to visit China. Now, let's get started to deisgn your own tour.

To make your own design a perfect one, we kindly recommend you to read this general introduction which will surely assist you a lot.

Travel time and duration

As a beginner, firstly you should find out a suitable time and finalize a definite date and duration. The first step holds the pivotal role to complete a satisfactory design.

For travelers who have their flexible travel schedule, please complete the following reading before beginning to design your own trip. You can get some valuable points concerning the best time to visit China, the division of tourist seasons, climate in different regions and the suitable months for traveling, as well as the notice for special periods to be avoided.

For travelers who would like to visit China at a certain fixed period, please get some reference and guidance from the reading to make your trip smoothly. Please don’t care too much about the best time or the suitable months in China because most of popular cities and regions are worth visiting all the year round.

We would like to provide reasonable proposals according to your exact dates and areas where you are going to. If you wonder whether your particular schedule is suitable in somewhere of China, please contact with us via email at (, We are pleased to submit you a satisfied solution.

The length of your trip depends on how many days your vacation allows. General speaking, the duration of one week is limited period to focus merely on several popular cities or go deep into one certain region of China. We would like to advise you to arrange more than 10 days for your China tour. The duration of two weeks is considered to be the most suitable length. There are plenty of choices to combine the popular cities and one of particular regions together.

We have carefully chosen various tour routes with different length for your kind consideration. If you can hardly extend your vacation, don’t worry, we have designed varied tour packages with a variety of categories and durations for your reference. Your bold and innovative thinking is well welcomed and we are pleased to provide with any effective assistance to meet your needs.


Tour destination

After finalizing the travel time, if you already have a tour plan and are sure about the cities or attractions you expect to visit, please click the following link to design your own tour immediately. Our effective guidance will certainly be helpful no matter you know little about China or you are an experienced frequent visitor.

Customize My Own China Tour

If you still don't have an idea for where to go, you could click following for more knowledge and understanding about tours in China. The detailed introduction will help you make sure what you need and where are the ideal places to go.

  • Beijing Beijing

    The capital city with abundant mega-attractions

  • Xi'an Xi'an

    A living Chinese history book

  • Guilin Guilin

    An immense exhibition of nature’s masterpiece

  • Chengdu Chengdu

    Hometown of China's living treasure-Giant Panda

  • Yunnan Yunnan

    Varied minorities and imposing scenery

  • Shanghai Shanghai

    "Paris of the Orient”

  • Lhasa Lhasa

    Holy land closest to the sky

  • Yangtze Yangtze

    One of the most scenic waterways in the world

  • Hangzhou Hangzhou

    A Paradise on Earth

  • Seidenstraße The Silk Road

    An epic ancient overland trade route

To know more cities, please click here

Referring to the Most Popular Top 10 Tour packages, what we recommend will help you get a general idea of your own tour. And if they happen to meet your needs mostly (or partially), please inform us about your requests, and we will be happy to amend the itinerary accordingly - Free Service.

You could also refer to our tour package as classified by tour destinations, which might be easier for you to find out what will meet your needs.


China visa & Air tickets to China

Congratulations on the successful completion of your travel booking. The preparation for China Visa and air tickets to China is the essential step to reach your aim.

Tourists need to apply for a China tourist visa which is quite easy to get in most of countries. Generally speaking, your application should be submitted one month prior to your arrival China. Please contact the Chinese Embassy or Consulate nearby to apply for tourist visa which will be issued with permission successfully in one week. We learnt that there are some agencies who provide services of visa application in many countries. If you are unable to apply for the visa yourself, please consult with your local agency for visa application. To get more information about visa application, please do the further reading on our website for the detail introduction.

As a native tour operator in China, we are not skilled in international ticketing service from your country. We can hardly offer cheaper international tickets starting from foreign countries to China. We suggest that you make inquiry of the international tickets to China with your local travel agents or check online. It is helpful to get a favorable ticket fare by making comparison with more choices. We would like to advise you to choose Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong being the entry and exit cities from where air networks are connecting to the main cities all over the world. If you really have no idea to book your ticket, please contact us, we would like to recommend our business partners in your area to you, and you can try to contact these agencies to finalize your ticketing.