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Urumqi, the last stop on your westward journey along the Silk Road, the capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, situated at the northern foothill of the snow-capped Tianshan Mountains.
Urumqi, meaning "fine pasture" in Mongolian, was first inhabited by a mixture of ethnic groups about 3,000 years ago. Since the northern route of the Silk Road passed through the city, it was a heavily guarded fort in the Han Dynasty, and remained so for many centuries.
There are many hotels in the city offering good accommodation to tourists. Convenient rail road and air transport links the region with the rest of the country as well as links it up with various parts, north and south of Xinjiang.
Tourist Highlights
Heavenly Lake
In the middle of Bogda Peak, 110 km (68miles) east of Urumqi, nestles Heavenly Lake. Covering 4.9 square kilometers (1.89 square miles), this crescent-shaped lake deserves its name, Pearl of Heavenly Mountain (Tianshan Mountain). With melted snow as its source, Heavenly Lake enjoys crystal water.
The lake is deep,calm and limpid.The deepest spot of the lake is 373m. When the peaks and the clouds are mirrored in the glittering water, it is so extremely beautiful that one feels like they are in paradise. For its spectacular sight, this lake is particularly refreshing for those arriving in Urumqi from the barren deserts elsewhere in Xinjiang or from one of China's numerous granite cities.

Southern Pasture
Located in the valley of Tian Mountain, the pasture is a very beautiful nice place for graze with mountains, valleys, fountains, waterfalls, cypress and pine trees.
Visitors can take a horseback tour guided by local Kazakhs. In a traditional yurt, the hospitable host will welcome you in with fragrant milk tea, mare's milk, cheese and roasted lamb. The horse-racing and traditional Kazakh dancing are equally amazing.

Red Hill (Hong Shan)
Red Hill is a symbol of Urumqi, it is called as "the eyes of Urumqi ". The body of the mountain is made up of aubergine rock. It is 1.5 kilometers long, one kilometer wide and 910 meters above sea level. When the sunlight hits the hills of Hongshan, the rocks of the mountain reflected a bright red color, so that people call it Hongshan ("Red Mountain"). 
Today, Red Hill has been developed into the beautiful Red Hill Park. Modern entertainment facilities and ethnic performances bring a fresh and lively atmosphere to the park. On the peak of Red Hill, you will have the whole city of Urumqi before your eyes!

Xinjiang Regional Museum
Covering an exhibiting area of 7800 sqm, the museum, of Uygur and Russian styles, is constructed in 1953. A green-tiled dome tops 18m above the main hall and enormous mural reliefs decorate the walls, domes, and entrance. The exhibiting articles of this museum center on two sources, i.e. archaeological treasures from the Silk Road and the local cultural relics.
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