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Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang province, is on the southeastern coastline of China, at the south end of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal with a distance of 151 km to Shanghai. It is the central city of the southern Yangtze River Detla, one of the important tourism cities in China, famous for its natural beauty and historical and cultural heritages. When Marco Polo came to Hangzhou in the 13th century he acclaimed that "it is the most beautiful and elegant city in the world". There is also a popular saying: "Above there is heaven, below there are Hangzhou and Suzhou." Hangzhou had once been the capitals of Wu and Yue kingdoms of Five Dynasties during the 10th Century and capital of Southern Song Dynasty during the 12-13th Century. It is one of the seven ancient Chinese capitals. The city has a history of more than 2200 years since it was established as a county by the First Emperor Qing.
Tourist Highlights
West Lake
Hangzhou's fame rests mainly with the picturesque West Lake. West Lake covers an area of 6.78 square kilometers. Three sides of the lake are surrouned by verdant mountains and one side of it properous city. Centuries later, Marco Polo called Hangzhou the most enchanting city in all the world. This is most evident in the West Lake area--the effective, if not geographic, center of Hangzhou. Hills embrace the lake on three sides; the city proper lies to the east. Ancient Chinese people praised the West Lake area as a land of intoxicating beauty. Su Shi, a poet from the Song Dynasty, likened the lake to Xizi, a Chinese Cleopatra, for its allure.
The charming lake is a pearl that lay by the city. There are two brocade-ribbon-like causeways inside the lake, namely Bai Causeway and Su causeway, and they divide the lake into five parts. Three man-make islands named Three Pools Mirroring the moon, Mid-lake Pavilion and Mr. Ruan TYuan’s Mount stand elegantly in the outer lake.

Ling Yin Temple
You will find Ling Yin Temple in a long, narrow valley between Fei Lai Feng (Peak flown from Afar) and North Peak to the northwest of the West Lake. The Lingyin (Souls Retreat) Temple is Hangzhou's most famous site aside from the West Lake and one of the best known Buddhist monasteries in China. In 1961 the temple was listed for protection as a key provincial historical and cultural site and is considered a leading centre for research relative to Chinese Buddhist culture.
It was built in 326A. D. by an Indian monk named Huili. With a history of more than 1,600 years. The temple has the Front Hall, the magnificent Hall and the Hall of Herb Masters. China’s largest wood-carving of sitting Buddha Sakyamuni sits in the Magnificent Hall.

Six Harmonies Pagoda

Six Harmonies Pagoda
Founded in Northern Song dynasty (960-1127A.D.), the Six Harmonies Pagoda is a pavillion-style pogada with 8 eaves located in the beautiful banks of the Qiantang River in Hangzhou. Besides the unique architecture style, you can have magnificent view of the Qiantang River Bridge and the wide river from the top of the pagoda. Moreover, the nearby “China Ancient Pagoda Expo Garden” collecting the miniatures of famous towers all around China is a short-way for you to know something about ancient Chinese architectural achievement.

Wuzhen is a historic scenic town, part of Tongxiang, located in northern Zhejiang Province. It lies within the triangle formed by Hangzhou, Suzhou and Shanghai. With its long history, late 19th century original buildings, rich folk customs, various bridges and peaceful rivers, Wuzhen is growing to be the paradise for the tourists all over the world.
It is divided into six districts: the traditional workshops district, the traditional local-styled dwelling houses district, the traditional culture district, the traditional food and beverage district, the traditional shops and stores district, and the water township customs and life district. Following an east-west-east circuit created by these six districts, visitors can witness reenactment of traditional practices and cultures.
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