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Acrobatic Show

Acrobatics is an interactive art form. Whether you are old or young, educated or illiterate, you can appreciate it as long as you can see. There is no language barrier and cultural border.

The history of acrobatics in China can be traced back to Neolithic times. It is believed that acrobatics grew out of the labor and self-defense skills that the people practiced and demonstrated during their leisure time.

By 300 BC, such skills as walking on 3-meter high stilts and juggling 7 daggers at a time had been developed in China.

As the world economy developed, acrobatics was also developed into a kind of performance art. Acrobatics became known worldwide through performances presented along the Silk Road.

In Europe and North America, Chinese acrobatic performances attract large audiences.

A high level acrobatic program needs excellent technique coaches and much preparation time before it is ready to be performed in public.

Acrobatic art has its own peculiarity. The performance itself is very depictive; therefore the requirement for lighting is much stricter than opera and drama.

The theme music perfectly coincided with the performance, which made the atmosphere of the event even livelier. However, before the rehearsal, the performer gave the director a lot of trouble.

Chinese acrobatic art is still what it was centuries ago in that it does not over emphasize the role of music. Performers pay more attention to action. Therefore it takes time for performers to adapt to the music.

A successful acrobatic show also requires appropriate clothing. Costumes further enhance the beauty of the performance and increase the visual effects.

When you watch a Chinese acrobatics show, you are strongly impacted both mentally and physically. It is truly and unforgettable experience.