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Yellow Mountain sees more tourists
2010-11-29 10:02:38

Yellow Mountain in central China's Anhui Province sees more travelers as the sweltering summer approaching in China. The mountain currently reports over 5,000 tourist arrivals daily and the number even reaches more than 7,000 on weekends. 

Yellow Mountain is an ideal summer destination with its cool weather. The average temperature during this period is between 14 centigrade degree to 24 centigrade degree, about 10 centigrade degree lower than the vast majority of China during the same time. Warming clothes are even needed in the early morning.
According to historical documents from the Yellow Mountain Weather Bureau, the highest temperature reported in history in the Yellow Mountain during the period from May 1st to October 1st the hottest period in China, was lower than 30 centigrade degree.

In addition, this period offers the best opportunity to watch the scenery of sunrise, sunset and sea clouds with its clear days.

News source: Xinhua news