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Ten Panda Cubs on Exhibit for Shanghai World Expo
2010-11-25 10:35:03
Ten giant panda cubs, selected from the Chinese Giant Panda Protection and Research Center of Sichuan Province, were transported to Shanghai for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

The ten pandas, including four males and six females are sure to attract a lot of visitors. It is important to choose the right time for a visit, and the best time may be in the early morning when they are the most energetic and playful. Pandas may spend their time snoozing after a big meal and a play.

These cute pandas will spend a one-year tour in Shanghai, first half of the year being exhibited in Shanghai Zoo, and in Shanghai Wildlife Zoo for the second half of the year.The Shanghai Zoo, which has already got three older giant pandas, is now ready to receive those ten panda cubs. New facilities have been built to
accommodate these new arrivals, including an indoor and outdoor complex.

The zoo will also provide the pandas with a slide, wooden climbing devices and walkways, and a grassy knoll for lounging.Located near the Expo site of Shanghai, Shanghai Wildlife Zoo will surely become a popular attraction for expo visitors from all around the world.

Now, a large panda pavilion is being built inside Shanghai Wildlife Zoo. The pavilion imitates the real living environments of the pandas, and large areas of bamboos are now being planted. From July 1, 2010, tourists
will be able to see the ten pandas there.