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Payment Guide

According to our booking terms and conditions, a deposit of 20% per person of the tour cost is requested to be paid within 10 days after your booking is confirmed. The reservation is not considered firm until we have received your deposit. The fee for wire transfer will be your own. Balance payment must be settled 30 days prior to arrival in China.

Here below are methods for payment:

A. Send by Western Union

It is the most economic way of payment.

Following is the information of payee requested to fill in for transferring by Western Union.

To: Anmin Wu (Surname: Wu, Given Name: Anmin)

1. Anmin Wu is the Chinese name of our financial manager. As Western Union only accepts payment to personal account instead of company account in China, we leave our financial manager's name as payee. The money will be collected by Anmin Wu from Western Union office and transferred back to our company as your tour fare.
2. The payee could be the Chinese name. But they should be exactly the same as stated above.
3. Recent time the Western Union office may require payee's address/email address to complete the payment. Please refer to the information as below:
    Anmin Wu's personal address: Room 704, 2# Building Jiaxing Yuan, No. 202 Zhong Ping Road, Taijiang District, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
    Dragon Delight's Company Address: East 3rd Floor, Fujian Provincial Stadium, 330 North Wusi Road, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
    Dragon Delight Email Address: chinatourstailor@hotmail.com
4. According to the rule, the Western Union office may remind you the risk of transferring money to overseas personal account and hold the payment. However, we would like to double confirm that the payment will be collected to our company as your tour fare and it is safe. If you really concern about this, you may try another payment method such as Bank Transfer.

After you have sent us the money, please forward following information:
1) Which currency you have sent
2) The total amount of the transfer
3) From which nation you have sent the money
4) Name of remitter (Should be exactly the same as that when you fill in the form)
5) Reference Number

B: Wire transfer the money to our bank account as follows:

Bank Information:
Company Name: Dragon Delight International Tours Ltd.
Bank Address: Company Address: East 3rd Floor, Fujian Provincial Stadium, 330 North Wusi Road, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
Bank Name: Industrial Bank Co. Ltd, Fuzhou Branch
Bank Address: 1st Floor, Fuzhou Yisen Skating Rink, 320 Wusi Road, Fuzhou, Fujian, P.R. of China
Swift Code: FJIBCNBA
Account No:
USD: 1172 6140 0100 0042 86
EUR: 1172 6110 0100 0002 76
GBP: 1172 6120 0100 0001 61
HKG: 1170 5130 0100 0050 56
AUD: 1172 6290 0100 0001 59
CAD: 1172 6280 0100 0001 40


Bank Information:
Bank Name: Bank of China, Fujian Branch, P.R.CHINA
Bank Address: No.136 Wusi Road, Fujian Boc Tower, Fuzhou 350003, P.R.CHINA Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ720
Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ720
Company Name: Dragon Delight International Tours Ltd
Company Address: East 3rd Floor, Fujian Provincial Stadium, 330 North Wusi Road, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
Account No:
RMB 411758376906
USD 420858384858
EUR 418258386139
AUD 411765413422

Note: Please write your tracking number for our identification. The tracking number for your tour is EL-120917A.

C. Pay by Paypal

If you could accept this way of payment, we will have Paypal send you invoice. Please note that it is subject to a service fee of 3.9% of the total amount if paying by Paypal and it will be your own.

1. It is subject to 3.9 % of the total charged by Paypal as the service fee and cross border fee and it should be your own. The amount plus the service fee will be .
2. If the Mass Pay of Paypal is available for your account/in your country, we strongly recommend it since there is no extra service fee for payment by Mass Pay.

D. Paying by credit card.

Our credit card payment system is available. Please kindly be reminded that it is subject to service fee of 3.8% of the total amount charged by the bank if paying by credit card and it will be your own. Currently, we can accept Visa & Master.

If you would like to pay by credit card, please advise. Then we will send you the letter of CREDIT CARD PAYMENT AUTHORIZATION.

Please kindly note that your privacy and the security of your personal information is our highest priority, we won't divulge any information about you to third party.

Important note: The rules of the Chinese Government do not allow us to charge in foreign currencies. Credit card payments charged in CNY(RMB) are based upon the prevailing rates in China. Your card issuing bank will debit you in local currency and Dragon Delight will have no control on the conversion rate used by your card company. The result is that the amount charged from your credit card might be slightly different with the amount of your caculation.